If you want to discover the most hidden corners of the planet, to plunge into the kaleidoscope of impressions and visit in one trip multiple cities and countries, and all this with maximum comfort, then your choice is sea cruises.


However, regular cruises have a number of disadvantages: due to its size cruise ships can't come to the most beautiful coastal ports as they are designed exclusively for yachts. Thus the route of these cruises includes mainly large ports. And if the program covers tiny islands or small towns, a ship is forced to moor far away from the coast and arrange a transfer. This process is strictly regulated and carried out in the order queue. It is not so easy to disembark at the same time, several thousand passengers, and then efficiently deliver them back to the ship. The process takes a long time, some stressful situations could also arise. Not to mention, what happens when thousands of tourists-passengers of the cruises are actually “flood” the streets of the town. The queue for the sightseeing and the lack of free tables in restaurants are just some of the drawbacks of traveling on cruise ships. But what you really want is to quietly enjoy the uniqueness of each place, experience the flavor and truly relax.


What can you do? Take a cruise on the mega yacht. In fact, only by yacht you can visit the most picturesque places that are inaccessible to cruise ships, to maximize the vacation time and enjoy the comfort and style away from the bustle. Elegant and modern, the 70-m yacht with only thirty cabins could be moored in the best part of the ports: mega-yachts piers. Passengers are free to leave and return on board, not wasting a minute of their time.


In addition, cruising on a yacht, you can reach those beaches, what are not accessible by land. There is nothing better than to swim in crystal clear waters of true paradise, unknown to tourists. Or follow along the coastline, contemplating stunning views of the little harbours. Or, enjoying the breeze on the open sea, to observe dolphins from a distance of several meters. New discoveries and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.


By optimising the time, the yacht cruise route is much more intense than a route of the cruise liner. New ports of calls every day, an extensive program of excursions for every taste, recommendations for independent sightseeing or just for free time. While on board, all the conditions for the perfect seaside vacation are at your disposal. Relax on the sun loungers on the open deck, read a book in the lounge, enjoy a gastronomic lunch and dinner in the restaurant, sip a cocktail at the bar, get a massage at the SPA: while you relax, your "floating house" carries you to new horizons. Elegant atmosphere of private yacht and impeccable service, the friendly crew will satisfy the needs of the most discerning travellers.


Yacht cruise is the perfect option not only for romantic holidays, but also for a holiday with family, friends, and even for individual travel. If you wish, the yacht cruise can be a unique opportunity to meet new friends with the same interests and lifestyle. Be prepared for unforgettable experiences and friendship of a lifetime. Once discovering all the advantages of a yacht cruise, you will feel an irresistible urge to go sailing every year.

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