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Fall has been always considered as a transition time in all senses. A period between Summer vacations and Christmas time. A switch from a swimsuit to a coat, from Frappuchino to cappuchino, you name it... But what if Fall becomes a truly meaningful and desirable time of the year when amazing things happen? What if Fall becomes a destination by its own? Despite of the contrasts that define this season so well, coexistence of the warmth and the cold, the dark and the light, it is a time to enjoy life and live new experiences. No matter if you are already traveling this Fall, or just "warming up" for the Winter season, our new playlist is just for you. This time it is quite different to what you may have been accustomed to hear as PRIVATE PLAN music, but we took an opportunity this Fall to travel to new musical dimensions and as a souvenir, bringing you a sense of freshness and beauty.

Just listen and enjoy!

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Credits: Model Sara Sampaio, photo Álvaro Beamud Cortés, Delaney Allen.

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