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Top tips for flying in style this Summer


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Classic summer destinations, such as Nice, Ibiza or Mykonos, become exceptionally busy between June and September, with up to 50 private jet take-offs or landings per day. Demand is starting to outweigh supply at these airports during peak times. For bookings close to departure, aircrafts based further afield may need to be chartered. At the busiest time (particularly on Fridays) airports will reach full capacity, this means that last minute travellers have to make alternative plans. Thus, it pays to book your private jet charter as far in advance as possible to secure your preferred time-slot and aircraft.



Many jets have luggage limits due to the size of the luggage compartment door, they also have weight restrictions based on how many people or how much fuel is required for the flight. If you are travelling as a couple, luggage won’t be an issue. However, if you are travelling in a large group, luggage can become problematic. To avoid any hassle, travel with soft holdalls, this will prevent the pilot and ground staff having to play Tetris with your luggage in the baggage compartments. Soft suitcases and holdalls will give your luggage the best chance of arriving at your destination without having to be shipped separately.



Enjoy our delicious on-board catering. Our jets have a varied and exciting summer menu dedicated to delighting your taste-buds. The PRIVATE PLAN team will go the extra mile to arrange your perfect dining experience, catering to your dietary requirements or allergies and sourcing the food you desire most, from birthday cakes to your favourite restaurant dishes. A selection of drinks is available on every flight but if you enjoy a particular wine, champagne, tea or soft-drink then let our team know, we’ll guarantee that your drink of choice is readily available during your flight.








Most private jets have on-board entertainment systems, and we can arrange for a wide selection of movies and music according to your specific preferences. If you are travelling with children, we can also provide books and toys on-board, guaranteeing a relaxing and enjoyable journey for you and your family. The in-flight entertainment system can be switched on from the moment you step aboard the aircraft, ensuring your children feel happy and comfortable from the very start of their journey. Most children love the excitement of meeting their pilot up close and visiting the flight deck, an experience exclusive to private jets.



If your summer holiday destination is far away or if getting some sleep whilst on-board is a major priority, then bring your pyjamas and we will take care of the rest, ensuring that a relaxing and cosy bed is available on your flight. Many large-body jets have divan seating that can be arranged into a private bedroom area whilst some smaller aircrafts have fully reclining seats that can fit together and convert into very comfortable flat-beds. With our private jets, you can switch off as soon as you take off.



One of the comforts of travelling in a private jet is the luxury transportation from the FBO at your destination. After all, if you’re going to fly in style, you might as well ride in style. You can sit back and enjoy your flight knowing that a professional transportation service is waiting for you when your private charter lands. If you need to get from an FBO to your final destination quickly, the solution is a helicopter. The PRIVATE PLAN team can organise any transportation to and from the airport, ensuring a worry-free transfer to your ultimate destination. All you need to do is enjoy your flight!





Summer is one of the busiest travelling seasons of the year and the perfect time to appreciate the value of flying privately. You can board a private jet to reach your summer holiday venue or to explore several destinations in style. Whatever your plans, here are some tips to help make your journey seamless.​






Tom Ford Bukley Duffle
Tom Ford Bukley Duffle
Byredo Mister Marvelous
C de Cartier sunglasses
hermes avalon blanket


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