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Keys for an exceptional private aviation experience 






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Luxury, safety and style: 

As not all jets are created equal, always request the most modern and technically advanced aircraft. Jet comfort and style are also the points to have in mind. Flying should be a pleasure for all senses and your charter experience should be as luxurious, comfortable and secure as possible. 



Look for your privacy guarantees at all the stages of jet charter booking. When, where and how you fly is a highly confidential information, so it is to be treated with a utmost care. Make sure your name is not disclosed to any party involved in your jet charter until you confirm your booking. 


Create your own schedule: 

Flying to your bespoke timetable is the real essence of jet charter. Before making a confirmation, verify that in fact you will be able to set your own schedule because sometimes there are predetermined departure and arrival hours that will not necessary suite you.


Access to more airports: 

To reach a remote location or simply arrive closer to your final destination than a scheduled service would allow, is one of the advantages of flying private. However not all aircrafts can land and take off at any airport. Your private air charter advisor is there to help you to make a right choice.


Cost efficiency: 

Booking your flight with us gives you a peace of mind to get the best option at the best price. Industry knowledge, long term relationships with reputable, experienced operators and know how to negotiate and structure a trip are key to get the best rates. With PRIVATE PLAN you will always receive the best private jet charter prices and the most cost effective solution.


Insurance coverage: 

No matter where you fly to or from, even for a short range, it is always a good idea to check the aircraft insurance amount and policy. What to look for? Light Jets should carry $50MM Combined Single Limit as a minimum. Mid-Sized Jets - $50MM to $100MM CSL, and Heavy Jets, should have a minimum of $100MM to $200MM CSL. 




Luggage limits: 

Always ask your private air charter advisor how much luggage your aircraft can carry and plan accordingly. The general recommendation is one average size suitcase and one carry on or personal item per passenger. It is recommended to use soft sided duffel bags when possible, as your crew will be able to accommodate more luggage when your bags are flexible. 


Crew reputation:

The most important safety component during your private jet charter flight is the experience level of the pilots and their reputation. Best practices in aviation demand that both pilots have at least 5000 hours of flight experience and are captain-qualified. Additionally, the pilots should attend simulator-based emergency training, such as provided by FlightSafety International and CAE Simuflite, at least annually. Your safety equally depends on human and technical factors, so do not overview your crew flight history. 


Excellent customer service: 

There should be a single person responsible for your trip that takes time with you, ask questions to ensure they understand what is important to you, and offers you the best personalized solution. Also, live help is to be available around the clock for if you must change your plans, make a special request, or ask a question.


Voice your needs:

Passenger safety is always first for private charter. However, tell your private air charter advisor your needs. They most likely will accommodate. Do you have friends to pick up? Odd size baggage to take? Pets traveling with you? Dietary restrictions? You name it. This is a service industry and communicate your needs ahead of time so they can be met.


Book early:

Booking early is the key to great availability and to getting the exact aircraft you want before someone else does. At best, one to two weeks beforehand for the majority of trips is enough to have near 100% availability, with the exception of peak seasons/holidays of course. The air charter industry like many others, is a first-come first-served industry, it is always smarter to book early to avoid losing your aircraft.







Flying private? Find out the most important aspects to take into consideration when booking your private jet. Benefits? To ensure you are receiving not only the safest flight, but the best value for your money. No doubt that private charter is about saving your time, which is something you can’t buy. So use that time wisely with our tips and enjoy your private air charter to the fullest.



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