The island of Tagomago provides an idyllic retreat into nature. With 60-hectares of untouched nature, rows of luscious palm trees swaying in the warm breeze and the dazzling blue waves of the Mediterranean Sea, this island is all about reconnecting with the calm of the natural world. The mansion, built into the earthy Mediterranean landscape, free-flows into the outside world; large glass doors and windows provide endless access to the coastal features of the island. So whether you are enjoying the sleek, white modernity of the mansion or the rugged, dramatic landscapes of the island, you’ll always be immersed in fresh sea air.


Summer in Tagomago is shaped by hours of bright sunlight providing travellers with the time to live fully each and every day. Mornings in Tagomago are for feeding your curiosity, with a gentle walk through the nature reserve or a visit to the island’s tower lighthouse in order to gaze across the sea towards Ibiza’s majestic coastline. Late mornings are for summer playlists, for reading Deborah Levy’s Spanish inspired Hot Milk and for chatting over rich coffee on the deck. After a Mediterranean lunch of seafood paella prepared for you by a team of highly-skilled chefs, early afternoons are spent trying new things alongside family and friends such as jet-skiing, windsurfing and snorkelling or for restoring the body with a spot of outdoor Pilates. Of course, there’s always time for a siesta in the sleek sunbeds overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. In the evening, a barbecue on the glossy deck with decadent food, sangria and the sound of the tide lapping softly against the shore.


Nights on Tagomago are truly yours to own: you can head to the shore for some night-swimming in peaceful seas, star-gaze from the comfort of a sunbed or spend time with your family in the sleek and relaxed living areas of the mansion. On Tagomago, the only thing that matters is taking the time to do the things you really want to with the people you love most. 




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Our working lives are shaped by busy commutes, long hours at work and little, if any, free-time to relax. Holidays should provide time to step away from this stress, allowing us to reconnect with ourselves in a tranquil and tantalising environment. Island life embodies the perfect getaway for travellers looking for uninterrupted holiday time. With dedicated service staff and unpopulated and unspoiled landscapes, islands are the ideal place to live life to the full, providing travellers with the space and time to reconnect with themselves and loved-ones. At PRIVATE PLAN, we present three desirable islands each offering their own unique experiences. Whether you revel in the opportunity to explore new places or simply enjoy relaxing in style, there’s a perfect island waiting for you. Want to discover your dream island destination? Look no further…​



If the thought of history, culture and heritage ignites your wanderlust then Santa Cristina is the island for you. Located near the celebrated city of Venice with a history stretching back to the fifth-century, Santa Cristina is rich in culture. Artists and musicians such as Roger de Montebello and Allison Zurfluh have flocked to the island in order to inspire their craft, taking to the restorative waters of the Adriatic, gazing upon the mysterious outlines of the Dolomite mountain range and drifting across luscious lagoons in private boats to explore the streets of Venice. Santa Cristina is a private, virtually self-sustained island fully immersing travellers into nature. The island also provides private passage to one of Italy’s most sought-after destinations, Venice. Thus, Santa Cristina is the best of both worlds where nature and culture rolls into one glorious, azure isle.


Mornings in Santa Cristina are for enlightening your body and mind. Yoga sessions, led by a certified instructor, take place in the spacious and sunlit studio and allow you to make the most of your morning. Afterwards, a light colazione in an open-air dining space, you’ll sip rich Italian espresso whilst enjoying the rustic architecture and lush gardens of the villa. In the late morning, you can take in the greenery of the island and observe the wildlife in its natural habitat. Lunchtime provides the perfect interval for a trip to Venice via your own private boat. You’ll sail peacefully over to Venice for a Bellini or two in Harry’s Bar. Afterwards, there’s ample time for wandering the historic Venetian streets and for browsing Venice’s designer shops, trying on Italian leather shoes and admiring Murano glass.


Late afternoons are for the privacy and quiet of the island; perhaps a swim in the pool with friends and family, a sonnellino in the neutral, light-wood bedrooms of the villa or a walk through the orchards tasting sweet and ripe fruit. Dinner, prepared for you by gifted chefs, consists of fresh fish and organic vegetables farmed on the island itself. In the evenings, deep orange sunsets sweep across the sky providing a perfect backdrop for dining. 



Coco Privé can only be described as 1.4 hectares of tropical paradise. Located in the Indian Ocean and surrounded by a private beach with sand as delicate as sugar, Coco Privé provides travellers with the space and time to embrace both the vitality and serenity of the natural world. With water sports activities, including wind surfing, kayaking and snorkelling, a fully equipped gym with glass windows overlooking lush plant life and a sunlit spa facing the ocean, a day on Coco Privé promises to stimulate the mind, body and spirit.


And what would a typical day on Coco Privé look like? Mornings on Coco Privé are for energising your body, preparing you for a day of adventure. Following a long and satisfying night’s sleep, you could head to the gym to stretch your muscles or you could simply roll out of bed and into the warm water of the pool that frames your villa. After some light exercise, a wholesome breakfast served in one of the many beach inspired, light-wood dining spaces overlooking the radiant waters of the Indian Ocean. Following breakfast, a gentle walk along the pier allowing you to breathe in the fresh ocean air and to take striking photographs of the untouched horizon. Late mornings are for adventuring in the water, a chance to snorkel or scuba dive in order to gaze at the rare and exotic sea-life of the Indian Ocean. After a break for some lunch on the deck, early afternoon provides even more time to revel in the opportunities that Coco Privé provides. A spot of wind surfing, kayaking or fishing perhaps?


Later in the afternoon, with the sun still shining, there’s ample time to calm the mind after an active morning. You might choose to book a massage in the spa, to listen to your favorite playlist whilst relaxing in the jacuzzi, to rest in the cool and spacious villa or to delve into the literature of Coco Privé’s private library. Finally, for dinner, a delicious and wholesome meal served on the beach. The sunset will shimmer across the water as you dine providing a dreamy conclusion to a fulfilling day. 











With PRIVATE PLAN, your getaway dream can become reality. Our devoted team will exceed your expectations, ensuring that your retreat to a private island is everything you longed for and more. From the most exquisite food to thrilling activities, island life will provide you with precious, once-in-a-lifetime memories. So start imagining your island adventure and begin your journey to a place where nothing is impossible. ​

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