With its long history of spirituality, Bali is the ideal place to relax your muscles and your mind with a yoga retreat. At The Sanctuary Villa, start the day with a gentle garden walk down to the private river bank, waking up the mind and body. After a light breakfast, prepared by your private chef, you will feel ready to embrace the day ahead.As the day heats up, avoid doing heavy exercise instead immerse yourself in a book, lying in the dappled light of the palm trees, or sink into one of your infinity pools for a swim.


If switching off completely is impossible, taking an hour or so to reply to some emails is no bad thing. With rooms flooded with natural light and overlooking the gardens, escape the midday heat and check in with the world or simply take a quick nap. The perfect time to practice yoga is late afternoon as the sun begins to sink down and you can take advantage of the cooler temperature. Practice outside with a view of the rainforest and feel completely surrounded by nature. If you are looking for a more intense workout, your private gym is fully equipped and available 24/7.


Towards the end of the day take the car to explore your surroundings. With suggestions from your private driver, you can discover Canggu village at dusk or drive to the closest quiet beach. Alternatively, enjoy a bath overlooking the rainforest before climbing into your spacious bed and drifting off into a deep sleep. By the end of your holiday your body will feel relaxed and your mind refreshed, clear and ready to focus.




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Where to rejuvenate your mind as well as your body

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After returning back from a seemingly relaxing holiday, we often find ourselves feeling worn out, unsettled and in need of another break. Whilst many people take their bodies on holiday, it is easy to forget to give your mind a rest too, by switching off, slowing down and taking some time for reflection. At PRIVATE PLAN we believe the ultimate luxury is time, so instead of wasting it by booking another tiring trip, kick start your new year by booking a getaway which will rejuvenate your mind as well as your body.​



Shed your winter layers and travel to Bora Bora One Villa in Bora Bora, where the expanse of clear beaches is sure to clear your mind. Wake up early and enjoy breakfast outside with the sunrise. Afterwards, under the shade of the palm trees, do some gentle meditation as you digest. Throw off the mantle of winter and warm yourself in the morning sun.


After breakfast, take a boat onto the ocean and go diving. As you slip into the water and become weightless, your mind will ease as the water lifts you. If you prefer a more up-beat activity ride one of your private jet-skis over the waves and work up an appetite for lunch.


Spend your afternoon relaxing on the beach, or alternatively seek some shade under the umbrellas with pillows on the recliners, your feet feeling the cool of the marble floor. There is really nothing more different from the gloom of winter than the dazzling blue ocean which you can see from your private pool. To finish the day after dinner, take your time walking across the sand looking out onto the ocean and gaining the sense of perspective that only the ocean can bring.



Another perfect destination for a winter wellness escape is Tortuga Bay and the grand Villa Arrecife. Step into an authentically Dominican lifestyle of relaxation, excitement and understated elegance that will recharge your body and soul for the whole winter.


Get up early and hear the birds singing in this magnificent paradisiac community. This is a perfect time for a morning meditation. Order your breakfast to the terrace and enjoy fresh fruits and berries prepared just for you by the Villa staff. Then head to one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, La Cana Golf Club, with ocean views of the crystal blue Caribbean Sea. Your tee time will have already been booked for you by the Villa manager, available for you 24/7. After this exercise and upon returning to the Villa head to the veranda to enjoy an exotic lunch, all the while overlooking the incredible ocean views and feeling the breeze.


As the sun begins to set, seize the opportunity to explore Arrecife’s grounds where the neat gardens and hedges are perfect to wind your way through, loosing yourself and clearing your mind. Instead of layering up when you venture outside in winter, here you’ll be able to strip off your layers and slide into the pool. Guided by nightlight and the sinking sun, enjoy an evening swim where the view of the Villa is truly breathtaking. By opening the Villa ́s double doors, soft evening air will fill the dining room as you enjoy your meal. Then snuggle up in a four poster bed and let your mind and body completely unwind.








PRIVATE PLAN will help you to slow down and rejuvenate your mind and body in style. Our devoted team will exceed your expectations, ensuring that your wellness retreat is everything you longed for and more. 




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